The Purpose of Life

I know what you’re gonna be thinking right now, especially if you ‘re much older than me – “A fifteen year old thinking about the purpose of life? Seriously?” But yes, that’s exactly the topic for this post. And believe it or not, the purpose of life is a quite common topic that people of my age ponder over (since we spend quite a lot of time thinking whether life is worth the effort or not).

Adolescence aside, the purpose of life has been one of the most intriguing questions since humans developed the capability to ask such questions. After hours of discussions with my friends and mentor along with the years of exposure to articles and, most importantly, to the world I have come to the following conclusion:

The purpose of all life is to just exist.

Yeah, that implies that there is, realistically, no purpose of life. Period. Quite a depressing thought, ain’t it. But notice that it says ‘all life‘. It means all life as a whole has no purpose apart from just existing, which is no different from non-living forms. However, life of human beings can be (and is) a bit different. 

We humans form a separate group because of our so-called intelligence. We can have a purpose in our life. The grand question is do we together have a common purpose besides just living ?

No. But we can have individual purposes. Think of it this way – You might have heard about holism, the stuff that says that the mind can’t be broken down to the working of individual neurons. Information exists at the higher levels which can’t be viewed from the lower levels. Reverse the hierarchy now. There exists information at the lower levels that can’t be viewed from the higher levels. In programming speak – abstraction. The information in this case is the purpose of the life of the individual.

The purpose of life is a life of purpose.

That is my conjecture about human life. Humans live to find out what to live for. Quite a contradiction, isn’t it? But that is the secret to happiness. Once you find what you want to live for i.e. your passion, you are definitely going to be joyful. At least that’s what I think. Or you can go the Buddhist way – eliminate everything (includes logical reasoning too).

So there you have it. The purpose of life dissected. There are a few open strands up there and those will form the topics for the forthcoming posts.

Till then, Good Bye.

Signing off,

Aditya Chincholi

PS: Langton’s Ant always ends up going in a single direction at the end. Does that mean that it’s purpose is to move in that direction?

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