Co-ordinate Geometry 101 for JEE and KVPY

Time and again I have found with myself and among my friends that coordinate geometry is a weak point for many. This problem occurs due to two reasons primarily:

  1. The lack of explanation for what each formula does, accompanied with several shortcuts and tricks, without which one is lost in a time constrained exam of the level of JEE and KVPY.

  2. Even if the basic formulae are known to the person, he/she may not know where and how to apply the formulae in different settings. This is most often due to a lack of solved examples in the class or subsequent solving practice.

Formula Sheets and Notes

You are sure that you have sat through every class, understood the concepts and practiced adequately. But you are unable to make a hit with co-ordinate geometry questions because they go too lengthy and tedious that you have to abandon them during the paper.

Sounds Familiar? Then this one is for you. Your problem belongs to the first class. For you I provide my own formula sheets and notes along with those that I have received from some of my seniors. I am indebted to Devesh Shetty without whose notes on circles I would have been quite lost.

Topic Author Link
Straight Lines Aditya Chincholi Google Drive Link
Straight Lines Devesh Shetty Google Drive Link
Circles Devesh Shetty Google Drive Link
Parabola Aditya Chincholi Google Drive Link
Ellipse Aditya Chincholi Google Drive Link
Hyperbola Aditya Chincholi Google Drive Link

These are scanned copies of handwritten notes. I hope you find them as useful as I did.

License for the files: These files are licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International. As part of the attribution, please keep the name of author in the filename or provide attribution in a noticeable context. See the actual license terms for a full description.

But what if I belong to the second category?

Then what you need is to study from textbooks having adequate number of solved examples and practice. The details of how to do this really beget a whole post by themselves. I will provide you the link here once I post it.

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