JEE Advanced Past Papers Without Solutions

JEE Past Papers are highly regarded by students and teachers and not without reason. In my opinion, these Past Papers are singlehandedly the most effective tool available to a JEE aspirant. The reason being that many other sources venture outside the syllabus very often as the level gets higher. Moreover, teachers at coaching classes have a few days to draft questions for materials and hence, cannot create many concept-oriented intuitive questions. JEE paper setters, on the other hand, have a year-long period to do so.

Yet, as I found out during my preparation, JEE papers are not an accessible resource online. Now to be fair here, JEE does provide all of its papers upto 2007 on its website in the archives free of cost. But the problem is that it provides questions and answers both in the same document in a question followed by answer format. While this is clearly a wonderful thing compared to tediously checking answer keys, it creates a problem for those who want to attempt the paper, because the person must first remove or hide all the answers from the document. And as I found out recently, editing PDFs is not a mess you want to get into.

I personally bought a book of the papers and used it for my preparation, and most people have done the same thing till now. But I realize that the cost of preparing for JEE is high, and to expect people to pay for such a crucial resource is not a sign of a level playing field at all. Hence, my friend Anish Sukumar and I decided to remove the answers from all the question papers available on the JEE Advanced site and provide them here.

Year Paper 1 Paper 2
2007 2007 Paper 1 2007 Paper 2
2008 2008 Paper 1 2008 Paper 2
2009 2009 Paper 1 2009 Paper 2
2010 2010 Paper 1 2010 Paper 2
2011 2011 Paper 1 2011 Paper 2
2012 2012 Paper 1 2012 Paper 2
2013 2013 Paper 1 2013 Paper 2
2014 2014 Paper 1 2014 Paper 2
2015 2015 Paper 1 2015 Paper 2
2016 2016 Paper 1 2016 Paper 2
2017 2017 Paper 1 2017 Paper 2
2018 2018 Paper 1 2018 Paper 2
JEE Advanced Papers Without Answers

Note: Since JEE Advanced 2018 was online, JEE themselves provided the question paper without answers. These are the ones that I have linked to for 2018. If this trend continues then there shouldn’t be any need to keep updating this page.

For full solutions to each question, you will find plenty of coaching classes’ published solutions. Out of these, FIITJEE has been the most prominent one as it provides solutions for all the years in a single place. This should suffice for solving question papers. If you need a more compact version, there are dozens of books available that combine all of these resources.

Hope these will help provide an opportunity to future aspirants and level the ground for all candidates. Best of Luck for your exam, dear Reader!

If you want to redistribute these or use it elsewhere in your work please remember to give attribution to “Anish Sukumar” and “Aditya Chincholi”. Explicitly, these files are offered under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. JEE makes no mention of license in their page, so I assume it is under a Public Domain the way it is distributed. If anyone knows better, please inform me.

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