IISER Pune Cutoff Ranks 2018

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As IISERs don’t publish their cutoff rank data and no coaching institute will calculate it for you, it gets really hard for a student to get information and peace of mind about whether they are going to get in or not. So here I have conducted a survey among my batchmates who graciously agreed to give me information about their ranks. I have compiled it to give an estimate about 2018’s cutoffs for IISER Pune. And no, that ain’t our library if you are wondering.

Please remember that these are estimates. I do not have the data of all students, just those who participated in the survey. Moreover, cutoffs tend to waver every year, really depends from batch to batch.

Edit: Since publishing this post, I have been receiving messages from people who have graciously pointed out errors in my estimates. These have been rectified to best of my abilities. The areas are JEE Advanced General and Reserved and KVPY SA. Please do note that these are my estimates. There could have been misunderstandings involved in the process so it’s best to take these with a pinch of salt.


General Category:

Round 1531
Round 2748


General Category:

Round 1323
Round 2401

JEE Advanced

General Category:

Round 12315
Round 24531*

*The actual lowest rank I got was 5675 but the data was questionable. Some people with around 5K said they weren’t getting through.

SC/ST Category:

I only got 1 response in this case and that was a rank of 479 on the SC/ST list. A rank of 3212 on OBC list is also enough to get through in the first round.


General Category:

Round 167
Round 285
Round 3111
Last Round231

SC/ST Category:

Round 1117
Last Round222

Quite a few categories are missing but these are the ones I got data on, so sorry about that. For further information, check the IISER Admission Forum on Facebook or we are also quite active on Quora. Looking forward to seeing you guys in IISER Pune. Comment below for any other query.

Thanks to Goirik Chakrabarty for help in data analysis and to all the people who participated in this survey. Please attribute this blog if you are going to use the data for any non-commercial purpose. For commercial uses, please contact me directly.

EDIT: I do not have marks vs ranks data. Nor did I give SCB for me to have an idea of how many marks correspond to which rank range. Therefore, please don’t ask me in the comments about that. I can only refer you to Quora or the Facebook page for these. I understand that the stress you are in and that you want to get confirmation from someone, but I don’t have any such expertise. I would gladly answer questions on KVPY or JEE, which I gave and researched all about last year, but SCB escapes my capabilities.

15 thoughts on “IISER Pune Cutoff Ranks 2018

  1. Thank you for this data. This is really spot on to compare for the present year’s data. My queries further:
    1. What is is the total number of students in your class?
    2. How many students are selected for later rounds? (roughly)

    Thanks in advance


    1. 1. The number of students who took admission in the 2018 batch was around 230.
      2. I don’t know this exactly. This really depends upon how many people leave their seats in the previous round. But you can get a fair estimate from the successive cut-offs.


  2. Thanks this was really helpful
    By how much do you think the jee advanced cutoff would drop down to from 4531 this year as I’m expecting around 3-4k rank.


  3. Is it true that with 231 UR rank in SCB students got iiser pune ? How much marks do the above rank corresponds to ?


  4. Thank you for this input, my son is getting 90 hope he gets bhopal for mathematics, btw which is best after pune for maths


    1. The exact rank will not matter to you. Only the range matters. It will definitely change this year and whether or not you would have qualified last year, you are still on the fence till this year’s cutoff are released.


  5. Iam from andhra,I got 110 marks in IAT 2019, I scored 9.94 points out of 10.00 points in board exams, iam OBC category, what are the possibility to me to get a seat in iiser?


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